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Many of you have probably spent a fair amount of time getting ready for Christmas--shopping, baking, preparing large meals. Do you feel like the actual event is over far too soon? It is really only the second of the twelve days of Christmas, so I hope you are still enjoying time with family and friends.

Imagine that you live in a place where everyone not only likes you, but they have nothing but good to say to you or about you. Imagine that you have everything you need and much more besides. Imagine that all the problems you are facing now were gone. Jesus had things far better than we could imagine, and He left it all to come to Earth to face ridicule and persecution and torture. Why did He do that? For us. So that we could come into the presence of a holy God. So that we can enjoy the same privileges that Jesus has. That is the reason for Christmas.

This is my favourite carol. Merry Christmas everyone!