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An Update on the Updates

Hello, everyone!

All of the content on this blog has been moved to a new server by my Internet Service Provider. In the process, I (or more accurately, my tech guy) battled some glitches, which I hope have now been resolved. I haven’t checked every post though, so if you come across any problems, like missing media, would you please let me know, either by leaving a comment on the post (which requires login) or sending a message through the contact page (which will be added soon). Links to Facebook and Twitter accounts are still on the to do list, but for the moment, you can find them by searching for Memos From God on either platform. Thanks so much for your help, and for still being here.  It is still my hope to add to this blog more regularly, but there always seems to be something that keeps me from it. Most recently, it has been technological challenges, and I’m still working on them. My goal is to announce new posts on both Facebook and Twitter, starting today. There will be a new post up in a few minutes.